Feeling exhausted? A little slow? You’re certainly not unusual. According to nutritionist Angelique Panagos –  ITV nutritionist and go to health consultant –  it’s one the most common reasons clients come to her for help shaping up their eating habits.

Lack of energy is this huge problem of the modern age,’ says Angelique. ‘Processed foods become a go-to, which then make you feel even worse, and it’s easy to then get into a bad cycle.  Here’s her top tips on getting to a deliciously nutrient-rich place – without loads of time and effort just in time for Summer!


  1. Go with the Season! 

Go seasonal!  Right now, all these vegetables are coming in to season  – broad beans, sugar snap peas corgettes etc.   Use them to make vibrant, warm salads that make you feel fantastic. Peaches will be coming in soon as well, and they are incredible served warm with a chicken salad. And not forgetting Jerusalem artichokes and asparagus!

  1. Eliminate processed foods! 

Eliminate packaged processed foods from your diet. Not just obvious things like ready meals, but stuff like pre-packaged sandwiches they are full of preservatives, any mayo they use will have heaps of chemicals and the veg and salad will have arrived ready chopped.’

  1.  Avoid the Juicing craze.   

You’ll feel great by putting good, nourishing things into your body, not depleting it.  One veg juice a day is great! but fruit juicing is full of sugars.

  1.  Replace Pasta!

Replace pasta dishes with grainy salads – things like with roasted vegtables.   They’ll fill you up, de-bloat your tummy and have you feeling all summer ready.’

  1. Plant based meals!  

Aim for two plant based meals and one with animal protein – chicken, salmon or eggs – a day.  Combined with grains and veg, they’ll keep your blood sugar levels steady, and your mood level. mackerel and other oily fish should come into play a few times a week to help you with that warm weather glow, and don’t forget how important it is for your skin and your energy levels to stay super hydrated. ‘

Hope you all had a beaut bank hols!

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