My dear friend, Rosie Jones, grew up in a family of 7 Children. With 4 older siblings, she became an aunt for the first time as a ten year old. Since then, the family has multiplied and Rosie has found herself, for 10 more little people shopping for new born, birthday, Christmas and christening presents alike. As the proud Aunt to Arthur, Eliza, Poppy, Hector, Agatha, Jessie, Cecily, Iris, Gilbert, Sylvie and Theodore (I know right, they’re all on my baby name wish list too), Rosie has a very special set of needs that gave birth to the idea of Roses and the Stars.


I am just reaching the age where loads of my friends are now having babies. My dear sister is due in less than 10 days! Sending congratulatory gifts on the announcement of a pregnancy or the safe delivery or the christening or first birthday… etc etc etc… can become laborious and difficult to continue to be inspired. This is why I am so chuffed that Rosie’s wonderful e-shop has now been launched.


As a true old skool-ist, I like to think that when the time comes for me to carry, birth and indeed raise an actual human – I will do so with my conservative upbringing as a back bone. Nothing that was ‘made in China’ will don their toy box. If it has grown to full adult 24 hours after hatching it will not pass their lips, and if it’s not safe for them to stand near a fire, then they will not wear it. If you’re with me, then read on…


The homepage of Rosie’s beautiful site explains “we want every gift you buy with us, to be one you can’t wait to give – that’s why we’ve curated a collection of stylish presents for babies and their wonderful mums. From clothing to toys and books to prints, we’ve lovingly put together a selection of gifts to evoke memories from your own childhood for you to pass on to the next generation.” – SO CLEVER!


Yup, you can buy gifts for those hero’s who have just suffered the intense task that is labour on Roses and the Stars too. I would be really pissed if I wasn’t thrown even the smallest of bones after having endured child birth. Well done Rosie… great USP and also rah rah to the Mums!

stilllife2_025-2So – if you have recently announced that there is a bun in the oven, given brith, or invited me to your child’s christening or first birthday best you shop around on Roses and the Stars first to save me the trouble of choosing something for you!