Short answer: You don’t have to lose weight for your wedding!!

This is such a sticky topic. There is so much pressure in the wedding planning world to lose weight, to not lose weight, to change the way you look, to not change the way you look. I’m going to give you some pearls of wisdom which someone taught me and it’s true! It’s cheesey but it’s true.

You are perfect as you are.

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I would simply recommend eating healthily and exercising regularly whether you are getting married or not!

However, for those of you who do want to use the excuse of your wedding photos to lose a few pounds before your wedding day, read on….

Eating Right

Please don’t go on any crash diets or aim for major changes quickly. It’s really bad for you and you should always consult a doctor before undertaking any dramatic changes.

Cut out fizzy drinks, alcohol, coffee.

Keep a food journal to keep yourself accountable.

Cut out salty foods such as pasta, crisps, chips, instant noodles (I’m looking at you ladies working from home!), bottled salad dressings (check out my recipe for salad in a jar here) and of course all fast food!

Eat balanced meals. Check out my nutrition posts here for inspiration!


Exercise Regularly

If you’re a newbie, ease into an exercise routine. Please don’t injure yourself by pushing yourself too far! You need to build up your strength and ability, so start out with a simple cardio and strength training program. Have a chat with someone at your local gym, or look up some videos on YouTube to get started. (I’m enjoying recommending Fitness Blender‘s YouTube channel!)

Drink Water

So often we mistake hunger for dehydration. Drink more water and feel so much better immediately – you’ll find yourself snacking less, feeling less bloated as your body will retain less water! More about the benefits of drinking water right here.

Let me know what you think ladies by writing in the comments below.

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