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Holiday season is underway and lots of us are dashing off for some fun and adventure. But if you’re one of those girls who return from your longed for holidays exhausted and needing to sleep and recuperate to get over them, then here are some useful tips for how to stay healthy on holiday.

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1. Don’t leave your health supplements behind.
We all know too well there’s only so much you can fit it that suitcase and often it’s a choice between our latest beauty products or our supplements Going away may only be for a few weeks but our bodies need extra support whilst travelling – it’s a bit like repotting a plant and takes a while for it to settle into the new environment. So make sure you bring your basic supplements – especially vitamin C. You can minimise on the packaging by only taking what you need.

2. Stay self-aware.
Away from home we’re often distracted and focussed on whatever is going on: travelling, what to wear, what to eat, the weather, a new bed, new people, the exchange rate and all the things we don’t tend to have on our minds at home. It’s easy to forget about ourselves. Simply remembering to take notice of how we’re feeling and what’s going on with us (are we thirsty, are we tired?) is a good start to staying healthy on holiday.

3. Drink lots of water.
Always carry a bottle of water. It’s easy to forget to drink water when there are so many bars and cafes to visit. Staying rehydrated with good drinking water is essential to feeling good. If you tend to overdo it with the alcohol then drinking plenty of water with it will keep the hangovers at bay and if you can get your hands on alkaline water then even better.

lime in water

4. Get your sleep in.
There’s nothing worse than not getting enough sleep. If you’re one of those people who just can’t get off to sleep in a new bed then don’t forget to take some natural sleeping tablets, ear plugs and eye mask. Also remember you can take a siesta on holiday.

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5. Protect yourself from the sun.
If you’re planning a holiday on the beach or by the pool it goes without saying not to roast for too long unprotected. Spend time in the shade too. If you’re sight-seeing, trekking or on the water try to use a face moisturiser with SPF and always put sun cream on exposed areas before you go out. Here’s more about sunscreen.

tanned sunkissed woman

6. Eat plenty of fruit and veg.
Healthy food can often be forgotten when we’re busy on holiday and eating out, so whenever you can choose a salad and always make sure you’ve got a supply of fresh fruit or nuts you can snack on rather than salted crisps and nuts. If you get dehydrated in the sun you’ll crave salt and this makes it nearly irresistible to snack on the wrong things.

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Enjoy your holidays and do let me know if you’ve got any helpful suggestions that you find work for you.


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