As I came into work this morning Sarah, one of the Blush+Blow stylists, told me about an article that she had read. It was by “Ciara London Fit”¬†and it was all about excuses. I have become an expert in this field in the past 12 months. My body tells the tale just by looking at it. Some of my favourite topics on that subject matter are:

I’m too tired

I work late

I don’t have the time

My focus needs to be on my business

I would rather spend time with Pickles (I have legit talked myself out of going to the gym with this)

I don’t have enough energy

I should rather be blogging (which I clearly wasn’t doing – lol)

I can’t leave Blush+Blow for one minute in its early stages

I have no money

blah blah blah…

All of them are excuses and none of them are really all that valid. I would use them to squirm my way out of invitations, blogging, working out and cooking real food (ordering deliveroo doesn’t count… speaking of, I could have floated a small country’s economy on the amount I have spent on take away this year, so there goes my “I have no money” excuse down the drain).

I was literally half way through readying Ciara’s article when I reached for my laptop and opened up this page to start a blog post. Who needs a new year to start fresh? Clearly not me, because on the final day of 2016 I have decided to turn over a new leaf (better late than never I say!).

So, friends, I will be calling you (especially those of you in South Africa) a lot more from now onwards for a catch up. Jess, I will be blogging way more often, and I can’t wait to partner-in-crime up with you on all the fun things that come with being a blogger in our great city! David Lloyd, I promise to visit you at least three times a week, you will become the new love of my life (Pickles you know you will always be my numero uno). My dear body, I promise to eat, sleep and exercise with you in mind.

I pretty much plan on becoming superwoman in 2017 and bossing the whole winning at life thing. *mic drop

Happy New Year peeps