If you had to tell me that after eating really clean and drinking tons of water for NINE DAYS I wouldn’t lose an ounce (in fact I would put on 200g) then I would probably tell you to take your detox and head for the hills. Well… thats me. Yup, no weight lost and initially I was so close to heading to my nearest chocolate aisle in Waitrose. Luckily sense prevailed and I was able to feel satisfied with my 3 nut snack for the day. Three nuts, you read correctly. 3. Not 3 handfuls or 3 piles or 3 bags. 3 actual nuts. Once I got over that I managed to focus on the fact that it was now or never. I have a rather big birthday coming up in July which is what I am working towards so time is of the essence. Had I not been under such time pressure I would have lost it with the 3 nut situation and ordered a pizza.

As annoyed as I was when I stepped on the scales, I took some time to think about what difference my new lifestyle has made to me. It didn’t take long to forget about the scales and yelp with joy.

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I have got piles and piles and piles of energy. I am also sleeping like a baby and when it’s time to wake up I literally am awake and ready to take on the world within about a minute of opening my eyes. I don’t feel bloated or sluggish ever and I have noticed that I don’t get tired after meals anymore. As a result I have started spinning 5 days a week which can only help the waistline situation. Bonus no 1!


I used to eat a LOT of salt. I am the Maldon salt queen and my friends were always horrified at how much I would crush onto my food at every meal. It was almost like a ritual for me. Because I am eating the food as it arrives from Detox Kitchen I haven’t added any salt at all to my meals and the flavours are starting to really creep through and punch my taste buds. I feel like a bit of a numpty for crucifying my food with all the salt I have eaten over the years. So being able to taste my food so much better is Bonus no 2!


I am possibly the busiest I have ever been in my whole life at the moment and I totally love it. I am constantly buzzing around the place between my office, the Blush+Blow site or client consultations for Sapphire Pink. Probably the best thing to have come out of The Detox Kitchen is the fact that I never ever have to think about what I am going to eat. I am always forced to make really good decisions (because the ‘decision’ is already made for me) and I don’t have to cook. It’s as convenient as a pot noodle and as healthy as an organically sourced vegan salad prepared by monks and sung to by angels only to arrive at my front door step ready to devour when my tummy calls. Winning. Bonus no 3!

So all in all, I am super excited for what’s to come from day 10 to 30. I have no doubt I will eventually lose some weight especially given that I am now exercising again (after a rather scary amount of time away from the gym).

Have a super week end and to all of you in the northern hemisphere… yay to the arrival of SUMMER!






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