Right… so I have taken on the mammoth task of detoxing my body. It is fair to say that I have abused it over the last 2 years. Setting up your own business takes its toll on your body. I used to gym 5-6 days a week and eat really clean low carb meals… and then I began to work really hard and all of a sudden I stopped gymming and started eating really processed high carb meals. So, naturally my body began to change. It was slow in the beginning and then after about 6 months I just totally lost interest in health and fitness. Needless to say I put on loads of weight and all of a sudden became someone who was self conscious in a sleeveless top… WTF?!

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So, with all these new beginnings that are happening in my life (I moved house a couple of months ago) and Blush+Blow will be opening next month (oh.my.god!) I decided to take on 30 Days of Detox. I signed up to The Detox Kitchen because I lack the time needed to really do this properly. Yesterday was my first day and actually it wasn’t as horrendous as I thought it would be! I spent a lot of this week end eating all kinds of rubbish. My best friend who is getting married soon was left fiancé-less as he had his stag this week end so the two of us escaped to the country. It’s fair to say I ate my body weight (which we’ve already established is not exactly unsubstantial) in sugar and carbs and crisps and chocolate and bacon. Yup… I binged because I knew that I was going to be detoxing come Monday morning.

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Due to my revolting eating habits over the week end, day one of the detox actually left me with a headache. I wasn’t as starved as I thought I would be and felt super smug that I managed to resist the hot chocolate I was contemplating at 9pm.

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Am about to eat my cereal bar for ‘breakfast’… hmmmm, today might be a hungry one.

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  • Rosie says:

    Good Luck beautiful girl! You’ll be looking hot shit walking up the aisle next month…

  • Susie says:

    You can do this! Headaches could mean not enough fluids and you are probably coming down from a caffeine, alcohol and processed food ‘high’ but it will pass soon and I promise you will feel better for it 👍 Don’t sit down for more than an hour and brush your skin, it is detoxing along with your insides!! GO GIRL! X

  • Naomi says:

    Good Luck lovely! Can’t wait to see your new venture all open- very exciting!! xxx

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